Introducing Basic Cooking For Singles By Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor

Impress friends and save money by making amazing food on your own like the Masterchef. From how to use a cooker

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Attention: Students & Working Professionals Moving Away From Home For the First Time

Save money on food & Impress friends by making scrumptious party food, weekend binges, and delicious daily meals with the ‘Basic Cooking For Singles’ Course

Learn everything you need to thrive & survive in the hostel - from setting up your pantry and kitchen to making Instagram-able dishes on your own just like the Masterchef,!

Get step-by-step instructions for everything you need to take your cooking skills to the next level!
Limited Period Offer - Get 40% OFF
5999  ₹ 1999
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Here Is What You'll Be Able To Cook After Completing This Course

  • Weekend Binge Specials
  • Vegan Delights
  • House Party Favourites
  • Scrumptious Daily Meals
  • Friends’ Favourite Beverages
  • Finger Licking Delicious Breakfast 

Limited Period Offer - Get 40% OFF
5999  ₹ 1999
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With Love From Sanjeev Kapoor

Food is more than just survival. We win friends with it, build lasting partnerships around it, and count our blessings through it. Tasty cooking has always been part of the human story. With good friends and great food on board, life shall always be good.

Through this special course, I'll be taking you through from using basic utensils to making extraordinary food that you'll like to eat every day.Come learn with me…

Scale up your Cooking Skills!

Who Is Hostel Cooking Course For?

  Students living in Hostel, PG, or Rented Rooms tired of PG food and want to cook on their own

  Anyone living in Co-living spaces in a new city and want to cook great food for parties and weekend binges

  Working Professionals who want to make quick 15 min recipes for daily nutrition

  People moving away from home for the first time and need to learn cooking skills

  People who want to cook food on their own but don't have too much time

Limited Period Offer - Get 40% OFF
5999  ₹ 1999
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What You'll Be Able To Achieve After Attending This Program

#1: How to set up your pantry and store ingredients the right way #2: Things to carry & all-purpose kitchen equipment needed
#3: Understand standard recipe measurements & ingredients
#4: Master those perfect recipes for throwing parties, and weekend binges
#5: Say no to boring food & cook amazing daily dishes and breakfast you will be proud of
#6: Understand the types of spices used in Indian cooking
#7: Go beyond Chai and Maggi! Start your culinary journey, create amazing dishes you will want to eat again and again
#8: Master new recipes such as Vegan dishes and healthy cooking

Limited Period Offer - Get 40% OFF
5999  ₹ 1999
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Here’s What You Get With This Course


50+ Recipe Videos from preparing Chicken Curry, and Aloo Gobhi to Cold Cofee & Cappucino

1 year access to exclusive recipe videos, NOT available on YouTube Learn how to cook dishes from basic to advanced recipes

Watch videos unlimited times and download recipe PDFs

Learn from anywhere with any device - Mobile, Desktop, or Laptop

Here’s What You Get With This Course

  How to setup your pantry

  Kitchen equipment you will need

  Mastering measurements of dry & fresh ingredients & meats

  Downloadable pdfs for each recipe to create your own cooking master list

  Course completion certificate upon successfully completing the course

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Frequently asked questions

Upon registration, the course, videos and the recipes are made available immediately for viewing. Please watch the videos, learn the recipe and practice making the dish well.

This course has been specifically designed for anyone desirous of becoming skilled at indian cuisine based restaurant and home style dishes. The course has immense value for all - beginners and experts.

  1. Click on the Start Now button
  2. Fill in the details at the Sign Up Page (Name, Email ID and Password).
  3. Complete the payment using any payment method - Credit/debit card, netbanking, digital wallets or UPI
  4. Get instant access to the course videos and content.

All courses in the academy are available with access for 365 days from the date of course purchase. You are welcome to watch the videos as many times as you like to master the recipes.

You can start anytime you want and with a 365 days course access, you can watch the course as many times as you like during that period.

Yes, all enrolled learners get a course completion certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Limited Period Offer - Get 40% OFF
5999  ₹ 1999

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Impress friends and save money by making amazing food on your own like the Masterchef. From how to use a cooker

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