Culinary tips and tricks straight from the expert, on how to cook scrumptious, instagram ready, lip smacking dishes that are clean, healthy, and energizing.

Rediscover the amazing world of great recipes and cooking experience. Engage, Enrich, and Evolve your culinary skills.

With love from

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Food is more than just survival. We win friends with it, build lasting partnerships around it, and count our blessings through it. Tasty cooking has always been part of the human story. With good friends and great food on board, life shall always be good.

Through these specially curated online courses, I am sharing with you my wholesome, tasty, healthy food treasury plus 30 years of industry knowledge which has been thoughtfully put together to inspire the cook in you bringing you one step closer to healthy, energizing, and enterprising cooking.

Come learn with me…
Scale up your Cooking Skills!


Learn how to start your food business from home, and run a successful home kitche

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In just 4 weeks, say goodbye to bloating, constipation, inflammation & acidity. Plus gain more energy & boost immunity


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In just 30 days, discover time tested & science backed insights, remedies and recipes to look 10 years younger with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor & Dr. Bindu Sthalekar - Celebrity Dermatologist, Trichologist & Cosmetologist

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Cook amazing restaurant style dishes and change everyday home cooked dishes into exceptional dishes your family will love

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Live well and boost your immunity with time-tested Immunity Booster Recipes from the expert in Indian cuisine

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Cook the tastiest VEGETARIAN dishes using everyday ingredients for your loved ones at home. A true delight for a Vegetarian!

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Love plating your dishes like an expert? Take professional cues from MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor to excel in the art of food presentation!

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Impress friends and save money by making amazing food on your own like the MasterChef. From how to use a cooker

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Learn how to start your food business from home, and run a successful home kitchen

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In these finest-ever online master cooking classes with the Master Chef, you will not only create healthy and tasty meals but also be empowered to create great conversations around your food. And scale up the amazing cooking talent you already have..

  • Perfect your existing cooking skill-sets and learn new dishes 
  • Discover a whole new range of innovative recipes and dishes Broaden your culinary experience 
  •  Discover how to set up your own food business from home 
  •  Draw on your strengths and cook dishes that your customers and family will love 
  •  Build a great home business, live a healthy life, enjoy great food dishes that you create
  • Homemakers to busy executives, budding chefs to food entrepeneurs, grandparents to moms, health conscious people or foodies - there’s a course for all.

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