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Why Most People Still Depend On Medicines For Constipation, IBS, Bloating And Acidity But Seldom Find Long-Term Relief

How Stress Related Triggers & Inflammation Actually Work To Damage Your Digestive System & How To Deal With That?

3 'Copy Paste' Better Gut Health Hacks That You Can Use Right Now To Improve Your Gut Health!

 How To Improve Your Gut Health & Find Relief For Constipation, Bloating, And Acidity?

5 Small Meals A Day Or Intermittent Fasting - What Works Best?

Foods & Substances To Avoid To Help Improve Your Gut Health!

This Webinar is for you if 

 You Want A Stress Free & Happier Life

 You Are Struggling With A Poor Digestive System

 You Are Struggling With Weight Gain, Mood Swings Or Brain Fog

 You Are Struggling With Constipation, Acidity, Or Inflammation

Meet Your Instructors For The Webinar

Luke Coutinho

Founder - Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems & Lifeness Science Institute

Founder of Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems & YOUCare Wellness Program, Luke is neither a God nor a Guru. He is not a healer or a doctor or a cult leader.

Winner of several awards & media recognition, Luke Coutinho practices in the field of Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching. When one hears the word “medicine”, one immediately thinks of the pharmaceutical world, allopathy, chemotherapy, radiation, antibiotics and other drugs used by conventional doctors and medicine. He is not a practitioner of Alternative Medicine either. He works with people using Integrative medicine, where doctors do what they have to do and the medicine he uses is Lifestyle.

Kinner N Sacchdev

Co-Founder & CEO At Knorish

​​Recipient ‘Times 40 under 40’

Proud recipient of Business World's Young Entrepreneur 2020 award (35 under 35)

​Has enabled more than 40,000+ coaches, trainers and experts to launch their online coaching academies

​Led by his efforts and direction, Knorish was listed amongst the HolonIQ's Top EdTech 100 companies in India & South Asia (2020) and GSV Global Ed-Tech Cup Elite 200

​​Knorish also won the prestigious Microsoft BizSpark Plus Global award under his mentorship

​​A postgraduate with Masters in Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology from the distinguished Newcastle University

Kinner co-founded his first venture from the campus in the UK, to help Fortune 500 companies like United Technologies and Institutional clients from Europe, US, India and the Middle East launch technology products and multi-million-dollar corporate education projects

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