Impress friends and save money by making amazing food on your own like the Masterchef. 

Learn how to set up your first pantry, essential equipment, tools & measurements

60+ Non-Veg & Veg Recipes For parties & Everyday Cooking

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Things to carry & all-purpose kitchen equipment needed plus understand standard recipe measurements & ingredients

Say no to boring food & cook amazing daily dishes and breakfast you will be proud of. Plus discover the types of spices used in Indian cooking

Start your culinary journey, create amazing dishes you will want to eat again and again by mastering new recipes such as Vegan dishes and healthy cooking

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Making scrumptious food for parties, weekend binges, and even delicious everyday meals with the ‘Basic Cooking For Singles’ Course

  • From setting up your pantry and kitchen to making Instagram-able dishes on your own!

  • From weekend binge specials, vegan delights, house party favourites, scrumptious daily meals, and beverages that your friends will love to finger-licking delicious breakfast

  • Get step-by-step instructions for everything you need to take your cooking skills to the next level!

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Basic cooking course for singles

Everyday Meals:

From everyday favourites such as Aloo Gobhi, Simple Chicken Curry, Pressure Cooker Vegetable Pulao, Curd Rice, Dal Khichdi, Dal Rice to more exotic dishes such as Egg Curry, Lachcha Parantha to cooking that Perfect Phulka


Cook from a variety of dishes such as Dosas, perfectly boiled eggs, Kanda Poha, Keema Pav, Moong dal Idli, Oats Vegetable Cheela, Omelette Pav, Chocolate Oats and a lot more

Friend’s Favourite Beverages: 

Cook from a variety of dishes such as Dosas, perfectly boiled eggs, Kanda Poha, Keema Pav, Moong dal Idli, Oats Vegetable Cheela, Omelette Pav, Chocolate Oats and a lot more

Weekend Binge Recipes:

Burrito bowls, chicken soup, egg biryani, egg fried rice, eggless chocolate mousse, paneer biryani, pasta in red sauce, pav bhaji, rice kheer, strawberry cream, street style cheese maggi & chowmein

Vegan Specials:

Vegan bhindi kadhi, keema rice, methi matar malai, palak paneer & tofu makhanwala

Party Cooking:

Egg fried rice, pav bhaji, simple chicken curry, strawberry cream, street style cheese maggi and more


With a fan base ranging from the age group of 6-80 including men, women, children, soon-to-be-married girls, housewives, professionals, mothers, mothers-in-law & grandmothers, Sanjeev Kapoor is very close to its people’s hearts!

He is the go-to chef for everything…party at home? What-to-make-today situation? So much paneer, what to do? One-stop solution – log on to the internet or his channel and cook up Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes!

An eminent part of Reader’s Digest list of 100 of India’s Most Trusted people along with the most trusted chef for billions of Indians out there, Chef extraordinaire Sanjeev Kapoor’s name tops the list! His easy demeanour, cheerful commentary and simple instructions make the most seemingly difficult dishes look easy to prepare.

What People Say About Us

I have recently taken the Sanjay Kapoor Academy course. When I start my food business in the future, I am going to name it Nutrilicious. My favourite dish from the academy course is the Garlic Naan. I always loved naans and the idea of making it homemade really appealed to me. 


Sanjeev Kapoor Academy Student

Cooking is my hobby but I have never cooked professionally. This is the first time I have ever taken culinary classes and I loved the experience. With your courses, I learnt how to present the food at home so that it looks better than restaurant food. Thank you so much.

Rajni Patil

Sanjeev Kapoor Academy Student

My hubby is a pakka foodie. There’s a saying - the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. The best thing I like about the course is that each video, and each PDF is detailed and so easy to follow. Everyone in my family tasted these dishes and loved them. Especially the Dahi kebabs. I am loving learning from the course.

Usha Raghunath

Sanjeev Kapoor Academy Student

Frequently asked questions

Easy-to-follow videos will be made available for watching. You can immediately start applying your practical knowledge by going through them.

Most recommended and designed for home chefs and cooks, dietitians, food service professionals, housewives, food bloggers and culinary art instructors so they may be more artistic with their work and be admired and sought after for their presentation.

All courses in the academy are available with 365 days' course access for learners. You are welcome to watch the videos as many times as you like to master the art of plating.

You’ll be learning to master the following plating techniques to boost your creativity:

  • Plate Presentation Fundamentals
    Access to the strong and consistent themes running through your plating style. Garnishing or varieties of sauces to teach you to emphasize your ingredients and themes

  • Food Plating Tools Insights
    Right from everyday utensils, spoons, cookie cutters to egg rings and zesters the secret to plating success lies with the various such tools that enable the home cooks, chefs to unleash their creative vision to craft various textures on the plate and create a ‘wow’ impact on the audience

  • Tips for combining Texture, Color & Height
    will help you draw attention and satisfy the palate. The course aims to teach you to balance the above 3 ingredients.
  • Instagram Ready Culinary Content
    to potently satisfy the food blogger in you and help you wow your audience on the social platforms. More appetizing your dishes look, expect a hike in your like, share, comments and increase in the fanfare<

  • Course Completion Certificate
    that helps you take your culinary skills to the next level. This skill of course is a time-tested method to upscale the food ingredients & place a justifiable price tag on your menu.

  • {Bonus Videos} Simple Yet Heart-winning Table Setups:
    Small businesses to hosts and hostesses of cozy gatherings will get to learn to win hearts by simple, yet handy and professionally laid out table settings as demonstrated in the course.

  • Most importantly, diners get to enjoy a better dining experience while they relish a stunning plateful of food that appeals to their visual tastes and blends well with their palette as well.

  • And more

You can start anytime you want and with access to the course for 365 days from the date of course purchase, you can take all the time you need, watch the videos again and again as much as you like.

We have crafted our courses with much thought & care so that you can discover the joy of cooking!

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, please raise a refund request within 48 hours of enrolling and get 100% of your money back as long as:

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We will be happy to refund 100% of the purchase price after ensuring these conditions have been met.

Yes, all enrolled learners get a course completion certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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