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In just 4 weeks, reboot your gut to reduce constipation, acidity, bloating, & inflammation

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Discover Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s & Luke Coutinho’s tools and techniques to a healthy gut

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If you’re done wasting time, money, and energy on:

  • Practitioners that don’t address the real root causes and only cure the symptoms with medications or supplements

  • But feel bloated, or constipated all the time and still struggle with constipation, acidity, or inflammation?

  • And tired of short-term solutions that always take you back to square one (no quick fixes)

  • Feeling hopeless not able to understand what your body needs and how to take care of it properly

Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Join ‘The Good Gut Program’ 

The ROOT CAUSE OF DISEASES today is due to lifestyle choices. From Obesity to chronic ailments, most link back to poor lifestyle choices.

A strong and healthy digestive system is the foundation of good health but health doesn't stop there. It's the combination of listening to your body, following healthy lifestyle practices, and consuming the right foods that are good for you.

You don’t need expensive superfoods to get your gut health back in shape. Simple home cooked food is sufficient to reduce constipation, acidity, or bloating. Discover the specifically curated meal plans and recipe packs that help you get back to your health’s A Game.

Let Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Luke Coutinho teach you the tools and techniques to a healthy gut as they show you how to optimise your nutrition, guide you through the importance of a good gut for a long and healthy life, plus the techniques to apply these new learnings to your everyday life.


  • Discover the connection between food and gut health
  • How to make a weak gut stronger
  • Build a Sustainable Routine
  • Recipes that are important for a better gut

  • Discover the building blocks to a good gut
  • The reasons for the prevalence of high acidity
  • The long-term effects of chronic acidity and also the foods that cause acidity
  • Managing gut health every day
  • Meal plan & recipes for daily nutrition that reduce acidity & improve gut health

  • How inflammation is causing bloating and slowing you down
  • Long-term effect of constant bloating and inflammation
  • What does cleansing the Gut mean and best way to cleanse your Gut
  • Meal plan & recipes for deep Gut Cleanse for better health
  • Meal plan & recipes to effectively reduce bloating

  • Importance of building a routine for meals
  • Why do people suffer from constipation & how to avoid it
  • Foods connected to fiber that improve gut health
  • Meal plan & recipes to significantly reduce constipation

  • Boosting hair quality with food that helps you improve gut health
  • Why do people suffer from poor hair quality or dandruff & how to avoid it
  • How to improve the quality of your hair with food
  • Meal plan & recipes to improve the quality of your hair


The Good Gut Program is for you if...

  1. You want to live a healthy life free of digestive issues, including bloating, gas, constipation, and inflammation. 

  2. You suffer or know someone who suffers from common conditions like acidity, or other gut-related issues. 

  3. You’re looking for natural and holistic ways to boost immunity and reduce stress in your life or the lives of your loved ones and clients. 

  4. You’re a Health Coach looking to earn a certificate in a niche area of health.

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Protein veggie pancake, broccoli ratalu tikki, beetroot thepla, mixed vegetable dhokla, chickpea & spinach tikki and much more


Baked Ragi Chakli, Avocado Raita, Cold Cucumber Soup, Almond and Amaranth ladoos, Beetroot Smoothie, Chocolate Coconut Laddoos and more.


Mexican rice one pot meal, whole masoor amti, methi moong dal brinjal khichdi, vegan kadhi, cabbage stir fry, foxtail millet pongal, and more


Barnyard millet idli, one-pot immunity soup,  sattu ragi raab, special chicken salad, pumpkin tikki, sweet potato soup, broccoli mushroom stir fry and more

How Will You Benefit

Discover what exactly is going on in your digestive tract/body and how food is impacting your health. Plus what you can do about it

Acquire the basic knowledge and tools to identify and self-treat the most common gut-related problems

Heal your gut – with simple, no-drama real food that you can easily make from home with step-by-step recipes and easy-to-follow meal plans

Meet Your Instructors

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

With a fan base ranging from the age group of 6-80 including men, women, children, soon-to-be-married girls, housewives, professionals, mothers, mothers-in-law & grandmothers, Sanjeev Kapoor is very close to its people’s hearts!

He is the go-to chef for everything…party at home? What-to-make-today situation? So much paneer, what to do? One-stop solution – log on to the internet or his channel and cook up Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes!

An eminent part of Reader’s Digest list of 100 of India’s Most Trusted people along with the most trusted chef for billions of Indians out there, Chef extraordinaire Sanjeev Kapoor’s name tops the list! His easy demeanour, cheerful commentary and simple instructions make the most seemingly difficult dishes look easy to prepare.

Luke Coutinho

Founder of Luke Coutinho holistic healing systems & YOUCare Wellness Program, Luke is neither a God nor a Guru. He is not a healer or a doctor or a cult leader

Winner of several awards & media recognition, Luke Coutinho practices in the field of Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching. When one hears the word “medicine”, one immediately thinks of the pharmaceutical world, allopathy, chemotherapy, radiation, antibiotics and other drugs used by conventional doctors and medicine. He is not a practitioner of Alternative Medicine either. He works with people using Integrative medicine, where doctors do what they have to do and the medicine he uses is Lifestyle

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The Good Gut Program is for you if you want to live a healthy life free of digestive issues, including bloating, gas, constipation, and inflammation. You suffer or know someone who suffers from common conditions like acidity, or other gut-related issues. You’re looking for natural and holistic ways to boost immunity and reduce stress in your life or the lives of your loved ones and clients. You’re a Health Coach looking to earn a certificate in a niche area of health.

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